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Necessity is the Mother of Invention

The Original Umbrella Stand evolved out of necessity.  With three boys active in sports, our family spent hundreds of hours at athletic fields in the hot Southern California sun.  Like many people, we liked our beach/sports umbrellas, but found them a hassle to keep in place.  They were too large to sink into the hard turf, and tying the umbrella to your folding chair certainly didn’t work, with it blowing over and taking your chair with it.  We have gone through many variations over the years, and our current product line is designed with you in mind.  And that means NO MORE HASSLES with your beach/sports umbrella, so you can fully enjoy yourself at the beach, the lake, the sports fields, or wherever your outdoor life takes you!


What People Are Saying

As dermatologists, we emphasize to our patients the importance of seeking shade whenever possible in order to avoid the harmful effects of ultraviolet light exposure. However, from time to time, we may find ourselves exposed to the sun in unshaded areas. The beauty of the original umbrella stand is that it allows us to bring shade with us wherever and whenever we need itBrian J. Katz, M.D., FAAD
Board certified dermatologist

I do not have to worry about my umbrellas tipping over anymore!Tanya L.


Our umbrella stands are made with solid welded steel. Our promise is that if yours ever breaks, just send us a picture and your receipt and we’ll ship you a new one. Call for more information.


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